How to Live Better with Lymphoedema – Meet the Experts

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How to live better with Lymphoedema

By Matt Hazledine

If you have lymphoedema or know someone who does, this book will provide invaluable information from the experts and useful tips to help you better manage the condition, improving your quality of life and mental wellbeing. Lymphoedema, a chronic and often debilitating lifelong disease that can have a detrimental effect on both physically and mentally.

Matt Hazledine shares his personal experiences and useful tips, plus authoritative information and guidance from over 20 medical professionals and experts, with the aim to help you to live better with lymphoedema. We cover the four cornerstones of treatment: Compression, Skin Care, Healthy Lifestyle & Movement and Lymphatic Drainage.
With lymphoedema knowledge is power, and you will learn about; Finding the right therapist, Help and support networks, Self-management techniques, Therapies, products & surgery and Research to find a cure.

Whether you read the whole book in one go or turn to certain chapters that focus on specific subjects, this is a must have lymphoedema bible that can be referred to again in the future, when needed.
By buying this book, you will help to raise money to fund research in the hope of finding a cure for lymphoedema.

25% of profits from book sales will be donated to The Lymphoedema Research Fund managed by St George's Hospital Charity. Join me in the quest to fund research, so scientists can find a cure to help future generations to live better without lymphoedema.

“I wish I’d had a book like this when I was diagnosed with lymphoedema 10 years ago.”


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