Lymphoedema as a result of cancer

Posted by Jeanne Everett on 11th Sep 2020

What causes Lymphoedema to develop?Lymphoedema can be an unwelcome side effect of cancer and cancer treatment. It develops when the lymphatic system is damaged and is no longer able to effectively d … read more

Kinesiology taping in lymphoedema

11th Sep 2020

What is Kinesiology tape? Kinesiology or Kinesio tape is a medical grade tape that is made from 100% cotton. It has an acrylic adhesive which enables it to stick to the skin and is latex free. Orig … read more

Self-care and red flags

Posted by Sue Lawrance on 17th Aug 2020

If you have been diagnosed with lymphoedema or a chronic oedema (swelling) condition you will be aware that in order to maintain & control the oedema there is a degree of self-management involved. B … read more

Virtual Reality at St George’s Hospital

Posted by Matt Hazledine on 29th Jul 2020

NHS Heroes At 5pm yesterday, 5th July 2020, my family stood in our front garden alongside the British population to applaud the 72 nd birthday of the NHS and social care system.During the Covid … read more