Managing Lipoedema

Posted by Jeanne Everett on 23rd Nov 2021

Lipoedema is poorly understood and is often miss-diagnosed and miss-treated. Those who suffer with lipoedema commonly find themselves moved from one medical department to another in search of … read more

Understanding and Managing Breast Oedema

Posted by Cheryl White on 30th Jul 2021

The surgery and treatment for breast cancer management, has changed over the past few years. More breast conserving surgery and radiotherapy seems to have increased the number of patients lymphoede … read more

Movement & Exercise for Lymphoedema

Posted by Jeanne Everett on 28th Apr 2021

“Having a healthier lifestyle and a healthier lymphatic system can help you to feel more in control of your lymphoedema day by day.” Exercising, at any level, works our muscles harder and causes us … read more

Exploring the link between obesity and lymphoedema

Posted by Sue Lawrance on 29th Jan 2021

The Covid 19 pandemic with its lockdowns, reduced ability to exercise and comfort eating, will have inevitably led to some weight gain across the nation. However long before the emergence of Covid … read more