Exploring the link between obesity and lymphoedema

Posted by Sue Lawrance on 29th Jan 2021

The Covid 19 pandemic with its lockdowns, reduced ability to exercise and comfort eating, will have inevitably led to some weight gain across the nation. However long before the emergence of Covid … read more

Lymphoedema Essentials

10th Dec 2020

In the words of the famous Tesco’s advert (other supermarkets are available) ‘every little helps’, but sometimes the little things get forgotten. With all of the pomp and ceremony that the easywrap … read more

Finding Clothes for Lymphoedema

Posted by Jeanne Everett on 5th Nov 2020

We all want to look and feel the best we can. However, when we have lymphoedema, finding clothes and shoes which fit well, feel comfortable, and make us look attractive, can be a challenge. A swoll … read more