Using Velcro Wraps for self-management of Chronic Oedema and Lymphoedema

Posted by Sue Lawrance on 17th Aug 2020

As already discussed in The Benefits of Compression there are a variety of compression options available to help you maintain your chronic oedema / lymphoedema. Many people use a combination of types of compression to maintain optimum reduction of their swelling. This may include the use of an adjustable Velcro wrap system in conjunction with a “normal” garment.

The use of Velcro wraps in the treatment of oedema is not a new concept, but in the current pandemic climate, they are proving to be invaluable for self-management, to replace bandaging systems which may have otherwise been used, or where traditional garments are not appropriate.

What is easywrap?

Haddenham easywrap lower limb consists of overlapping, single layer textile bands which are stretched, then secured by easy to attach Velcro fasteners. Unlike some other wraps available the unique patented,easywrap bands are designed to have a 50% overlap and to achieve accurate compression they have a”lock out” end of stretch point. This ensures you can correctly fit the easywrap and be confident you have applied the correct level of compression to your limb. easywrap upper limb is a light fabric constructed as once piece of laminated fabric which has a built in liner to aid comfort and conformability to the limb.

easywrap has been designed to be a low profile garment which conforms to the limb shape to provide sustained compression therapy, like a compression bandage, but much less bulky. This means it can easily be worn with normal clothing & footwear.

However, unlike compression bandages, easywrap will also continue to provide effective compression as your swelling reduces and will not slip down as a bandage would. As your oedema reduces further the easywrap will become looser, it is extremely easy to then readjust it to maintain the maximum compression level to keep your oedema under control. This ease of application will enable you to wash & moisturise your limb more frequently, which is important in the overall management of your condition. This makes easywrap highly effective in the management of lymphatic and venous diseases.

easywrap lower limb garments should be worn over the liner sock that is supplied. As this layer is in contact with the skin it should be washed daily. The easywrap only needs laundering as required.

easywrap is available in 2 fabrics, Light and Strong and in 3 separate parts for the leg (foot / lower leg, knee & thigh) and 2 separate parts for the arm (arm & hand). Your therapist will advise on the combination most suitable for your condition.

Feedback from easywrap users

“the easywrap was very quick & easy to use and much less bulky than the bandages my nurses were previously using”

“I can wear my normal clothes, even jeans, over the easywrap & no one knows I have it on”

“This wrap (easywrap) is much less bulky than another one I used previously”

“I struggle to get (compression) stockings on by myself, I can manage to get this (easywrap) on by myself and find it much more comfortable to wear”

“I can be independent; I don’t have to wait for the district nurses to come now”

Applying easywrap

Ideally your therapist will fit and demonstrate with you how to apply your easywrap. However, in the current exceptional pandemic circumstances this may not be possible face to face.

Supplied with each easywrap garment there is a step by step photographic application guide which is extremely easy to understand and your therapist can talk through with you. There are also a very clear video links which demonstrate donning of both the lower and upper limb easywrap available at

More about easywrap

  • When a suitable absorbent dressing is worn underneath, easywrap products are suitable to wear over moderately exuding wounds. Your therapist will advise on dressings and if this is appropriate.
  • easywrap can also be used as a second layer over hosiery to prevent rebound oedema, but only following a recommendation by your therapist.
  • The optimum therapeutic effect of easywrap requires correct measuring and fitting, so should only be used if prescribed or recommended by a healthcare professional.
  • easywrap is most effective if worn from when you get up until you go to bed.
  • If you use a “night bandage” system, easywrap can be used as an alternative, but this should be discussed with and instructed by your therapist beforehand.
  • Very rarely, compression garments or the liner sock (contains silver) can cause allergic or allergic type reactions.
  • If acute limb pain or skin irritations should occur whilst the easywrap is being worn, please remove the garments and consult your therapist or GP.

Your therapist or community nurse team may have discussed the use of adjustable Velcro wrap systems with you already. Or this may be new information for you to talk to them about.

The Haddenham easywrap has been in clinical use now for several years with consistently good results & patient feedback. Clinical evaluations have shown it to be effective in reducing oedema, wound healing and improving patient quality of life by increasing independence & promoting self- management.